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Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

Oasis LMF a not-for-profit produces an O/S loss-modelling framework primarily for insurance...

#loss modelling framework #insurance #python #django #re-insurance

The Challenge

  • Consolidate a set of Python tools
  • Add testing tools and test
  • Release the project as an open source package

Wildfish assisted with the development of open source loss-modelling framework.

The bespoke application is an easy-to-install package of Python tools for open source, with comprehensive test coverage.

Oasis LMF had developed several Python tools, and required our help to prepare them for release as a single open source project on GitHub and PyPI (the official third-party package repository for Python).

Loss modelling_curved

The Solution

Comprehensive test coverage

We brought the tools together with a common configuration system, and created a Docker compose file to make deployment easier. We worked through each tool to add comprehensive test coverage, and provided Oasis LMF's team with guidelines for writing further tests when they expand the project in the future. The tools were built into a single installable package, and we pushed the package to PyPI for distribution.

The Results

The tools are easy to download and install. Oasis LMF can now build an open source community that will use and take the package forward. Wildfish continue to work with Oasis LMF to support and expand the project.

#loss modelling framework #insurance #python #django #re-insurance

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