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A dynamic duo

How Unboxed and Wildfish joined forces and built public sector projects - a dynamic force to be reckoned with

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The Challenge

  • To find a skilled technical team who can deliver.
  • A partner with working knowledge of government standards.
  • Good communicators, trusted partners and aligned values

Why Unboxed chose Wildfish

Unboxed is a service design and digital product development agency who specialise in in designing, delivering and embedding digital products and services in complex, business critical environments.

Having won government tenders for developing new digital products, Unboxed needed additional technical expertise from specialists who could deal with sensitive, complex data and swiftly adapt to new systems.

They also wanted a collaborative partner who could stick to government standards, meet strict deadlines and communicate effectively. Unboxed found the complementary skillset they needed in Wildfish, joining forces to tackle the complex technical requirements of these projects.

Unboxed recognised the value of partnering with a consultancy that not only offered specific technical skills but also shared their values.

Wildfish, with their expertise in Python, Django and the flexibility to adapt to new systems like OpenShift, was the perfect fit. As an added benefit, Wildfish's culture of open communication, flexibility and a problem-solving approach aligned perfectly with Unboxed's ethos.

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The Solution

Our successful partnership

Revolutionising screening for a national health body

Led by Unboxed, the primary objective of this project was to overhaul an existing national health screening tool. The updated system needed to manage screening policies, maintain an archive of decisions, and notify stakeholders of updates. It also had to comply with the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards for quality, accessibility, privacy and security.

With the Unboxed team leading on design and user journey, it was down to Wildfish to implement that flow to a React front end site. They also played a vital role in reinforcing the system's security - a critical feature given the sensitive nature of health data.

An additional challenge came with the requirement to work with OpenShift, a platform used by all the client’s digital assets, including websites. However, Wildfish embraced the task, engaging in extensive research and collaborating closely with the client’s internal infrastructure team. As a result, they were able to leverage their experience with Kubernetes while adapting to OpenShift's additional functionalities.

The Results

Unboxed and Wildfish’s successful partnership delivered on all counts for the end client - streamlining processes, enhancing stakeholder engagement and maintaining a centralised repository of screening decisions.

Together, they’d created a next-generation data management solution that empowered the client to make informed decisions and adapt to future needs.

“On our projects with them, they've proven their ability to fit right in and handle scope changes positively. Their adaptability, honesty about their strengths and limitations, and their excellent communication have made them a brilliant partner." Martyn Evans.

#unboxed #public sector #working with agencies

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"At Unboxed, it's crucial for us to have strong relationships with our customers. We have a broad range of skills within our agency, but we needed a partner with a specific tech stack skill set.”

Martyn Evans, Head of Product, Unboxed.
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