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Arup Inspire

Meeting business goals by adding functionality, a promotional site, and easy sign-ups to an existing project.

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The Challenge

  • Take over the management of an existing system
  • Integrate with the internal single-sign-on (SSO) solution
  • Promote the product to potential users
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The Solution

A single sign-on solution, giving company staff seamless access to an inspirational web app from internal systems.

Additionally, we provided a tiered signup that facilitates account creation for potential customers.

After working with the Inspire team at Arup to formalise the specifications for the tiered signup system, we implemented a SAML backend for the authentication framework. This facilitated signups, by allowing Arup staff log-in seamlessly from their internal systems to the Arup Inspire portal, through the existing SSO.

The Results

Promoting the product

We built:

#dajngo #maps

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